About US


If you buy a good well-made garden tool gardening is a pleasure. If you buy a tool that breaks or bends the pleasure is replaced by frustration and disappointment.

Having worked for a major landscaping company as a mechanic, repairing broken and misused tools was a daily task. This however did give me a good insight into what tools last and why some fail very quickly. If tools were able to survive the use and abuse dished out by men with a deadline to meet, the will easily survive normal daily garden use.

Because I am a keen gardener and due to my landscaping experience I have been asked on several occasions about which tool would be best for certain jobs or what to look out for when buying garden tools.

I thought I would establish this website to give good descriptions of what each tool does, and what advantages or disadvantages there are in different materials used to make the tool.

I also decided to include with each tool a section on maintenance. Using the correct maintenance on a well-made tool will give a life time of trouble free use.

After the maintenance section, there is a section for tips. Gathered from using the tools, repairing them and learning from others I thought this would be a valuable section to include.

I intend to build the site into a comprehensive guide which will cover all the common and the not so common garden tools. The ‘’ How to make’’ section will also be expanded with items that can be made easily by anyone with basic tools.

The ‘’ How to’’ guides will also be added too and will be explained in simple terms with pictures to help the explanation.

The benefits and pleasure gardening can bring are well documented. With a good set of garden tools you will never have to experience anything else.