Garden Water Timers

Connecting a garden water timer to a soaker hose or irrigation system will ensure a supply of water to your plants when you are away from home.


Garden Water timer come in various designs with a choice of dials or digital displays to set the time

and frequency of the watering.


How do Garden Water Timer Work?


When you start your washing machine, a valve on the water inlet opens up to fill the drum and it’s the same with water timers. When the ‘start’ time is reached a valve opens and the water flows for a period of time set by the user, it then closes again on the programmed ‘stop’ time.


How are they powered?


Most timers are battery powered. Some models have solar cells which charge up rechargeable batteries during the daylight hours.


There are two types of programmable timer and it’s really down to preference and how much versatility you need for your garden. Both types of models as well as programmed operation have a manual over ride option.


Lcd vs Dials

Dial models just require you turn to a numbered position to set the period of time you want the water to stay on and another dial is set for the daily frequency.


LCD models have more versatility and can be customised with your own programmes as well as the pre-set ones that

the timer has already been pre-programmed with.

More expensive models will allow you to set five minute on/off intervals and ten second to two hours watering at each interval.


Timers with Rain Sensors


When rain is detected sensors attached or built into the timer cancel the programme which will conserve water and makes sure your plants are not over watered.




Remove the timer from the tap in winter to prevent any damage from frost. Most companies will not guarantee their product against damage from frost.


If you do not intend to use the timer for a long period of time remove the batteries and take the time indoors.

Some garden water timers have a filter this should be cleaned and checked regularly.



Batteries will usually only last one season so unless you have a solar powered timer with rechargeable batteries, its best to replace them at the start of every season